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Frequently Asked Questions About Lipo-Light

Lipo-Light Frequently Asked Questions:


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: This information is intended to supplement, not replace, consultation with your physician or nurse regarding Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation with Titan, Genesis and IPL . Please consult with the nursing staff or Dr. Gold if you have additional questions or if you have questions that may not be covered in this section.

Q: How is Lipo-Light different from ZERONA?
A: The LED system has a far higher absorption rate as opposed to laser due to the refraction and strength of the beam, typically LED 70% absorption compared to laser around 30%. This gives a much higher chance of better results in inch loss and fat reduction in smaller targeted areas.  ZERONA is better for total body contouring.

Q Is Lipo-Light safe?
A:  The LED system is a safe system that will not harm any part of the body, specifically the eyes, although we sometimes recommend protective glasses during treatments especially if we are treating the chin or neck, as the strong light source could cause headaches or migraine if the patient is susceptible.

Q: Is FDA clearance required for Lipo-Light?
A: No, LED devices are not covered by the medical device directives.

Q: How long does the treatment take?
A: Each treatment takes 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes on the vibration plate to stimulate the lymphatic system to begin moving the fat from the interstitial space to the lymph nodes for conversion to fatty acids, and the liver and kidneys for excretion from the body.

Q: Do you have to exercise post treatment?
A: Yes, it is recommended that the patient burns at least 350 calories per day during the treatment program to speed up the lymphatic system as it eliminates the broken down fat from the body..

Q: How are the measurements taken?
A: Three separate measurements are taken on the area treated: before the first treatment, after the last and then one week later.  The measurements are accompanied by photographs which are for your chart only.  No photographs are shown to any other patients without your distinct written permission.

Q: How many calories will a single treatment lose?
A: A single treatment would theoretically mobilize approximately 400 calories, although some tests have shown more.

Q: What are the advantages of LED over invasive processes?
A: There are major advantages against invasive processes;  including no pain vs. severe pain, instant results vs. up to 16 weeks recovery for liposuction, possible risk of infections with invasive surgery, price advantages, no damage to the body including fat cells as opposed to total removal or destruction of cells, blood vessels, etc., post operative scarring, numbness, etc.

Q: How is the “fat” reduced?
A: (It’s really a complex chemical process.  Read on if you are interested; otherwise skip this answer.)  The light is absorbed by the Cytochrome-C oxidase unit of the mitochondrial electron transport cascade of reactions.  The absorption happens because this unit contains Iron and Copper atoms which act as the target chromophore.  The electron transport cascade of reactions’ sole purpose is to move hydrogen ions (electrons) around to produce ATP (energy) for the individual cell to function.  By absorbing the laser light into the cascade and speeding it up we see the mitochondria producing more ATP and the cell temporarily becomes more energetic for the duration of the light irradiation.  As a by product of this reaction we also see the level of hydrogen ions inside the cell increase which increases the pH and creates an imbalance compared to the extracellular matrix outside of the cell.  The body does not like this imbalance and so opens pores or channels in the cell wall to allow the movement of ions back and forth to restore homogeneity.  Another by-product of the increased reaction cascade is the increase of calcium ions inside the cell which triggers the release of a lipase enzyme.  The purpose of the enzyme is to break chemical bonds in the triglyceride molecules stored inside the adipose cell, forming smaller fatty acid and glycerol sub-units.  These sub-units are now small enough to pass out of the cell wall into the extracellular matrix, where they are picked up by the lymphatic system (which is also stimulated by the Lipo-Light treatment) and transported around the body to the tissues that will need these units for metabolism during the post treatment exercise.

Q:  What would be the benefits or possible dangers of using Lipo-Light in the presence of existing hormonal issues such as an over active or under active thyroid gland?
A:  It is unlikely that someone with a hyperthyroidism would come seeking fat reduction as the symptoms of their overactive thyroid causes them to lose weight despite having an increased appetite.  Treatment for such a patient would be contraindicated from if (s)he were undergoing any significant medical treatment for the thyroid condition as opposed to being well controlled on basic oral medications.
Hypothyroidism can cause significant weight gain for a patient and thus Lipo-Light would be a benefit.  Our advice is that if a patient’s condition is stabilized and well controlled by medications (s)he could try treatment, although some patients appear to respond while others don’t.  The clinic would have to try 1-2 sessions and then discuss further with the patient if they wanted to proceed.  No promises could be made because of their medical history.

Q:  What about using a body wrap after the Lipo-Light treatment, can this be instead of working out?
A:  A body wrap is a nice way of improving the hydration/texture of the epidermis and also reducing water retention, but offers no benefit for fat reduction that is demonstrated in any medical research!  It certainly cannot be used instead of working out.  There is no getting away from it; the patient has to perform cardiovascular exercise to burn calories.  There is no other way to eliminate fat from the body, the body will not eliminate fat on its own, and its whole purpose is to store fat, just in case we don’t get anything to eat next week!

Q:  What happens if you steam or sauna following the Lipo-Light treatments? Can this be instead of working out? 
A:  See above regarding body wraps.  There is some thought that exercise in an infra-red sauna chamber can increase calories burnt per hour, but it still involves the exercise bit.  Sauna/steam alone will facilitate water loss and will cause some minor increase in metabolism, but again, little confirmed medical evidence in peer reviewed studies to suggest that a suitable session could burn the minimum 300-400 calories we want to metabolize after Lipo-Light treatment.

Q:  How many treatments can the patient have, when should they stop having treatments?  How much rest time between courses of 9?
A:  The standard course at Laser Body Solutions is 9 sessions spaced twice weekly, Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday. There is flexibility to spread out the treatments if that meets the patient’s schedule better.  During the treatment program Dr. Gold will try to ascertain if the patient is actually making the changes to their diet and lifestyle that is required to keep the results Lipo-Light gives them. 
Once a patient has achieved the result that they want, they may benefit from occasional maintenance to deal with any little blips in their diet/exercise schedule in the future.  Any patient that expected to be able to have treatments all the time would obviously not be planning to actually control their calorie intake and exercise regime and in all honesty should not undertake the program.  Lipo-Light should be viewed as a way to “jump-start” a life-style change in terms of reduced dietary fat intake and getting on a regular exercise program.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Specific cost will depend on the number of treatments appropriate for the individual patient and will be discussed at your free consultation.